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GEF Series / GGF Series
Round Kettle Fryers


GEF-400 Electric, GGF-400 Gas,
GEF-560 Electric, GGF-720 Gas,
GEF-720 Electric

Efficient Cooking
High Productivity
Auto Basket Lift
On-Board Oil Filtration

Giles Open Kettle Fryers are designed to fry foods quickly and easily, delivering maximum profit with minimum effort and expense. Give your customers deliciously crisp and moist chicken every time.

  • Consumes a minimum amount of floor-space, yet has plenty of capacity to feed a hungry crowd.
  • Durable robust cabinet design; 5” casters offer convenient mobility, passes easily through a standard door opening. Front casters have locking brakes.
  • Easy to clean and simple to maintain; electro-polished stainless steel Basket.
  • Circular heating elements/heat exchanger surround product, promoting fast recovery; even with frozen foods.
  • Computer Controller with intuitive operator interface provides exceptional Fryer control and monitoring. Features 50 programmable Menu Item cooking presets, AutoCool Energy-Saver Mode, Force-Filter feature, Boil-Out program, password security option, and multiple language selections.
  • Automatic Basket Lift lowers Basket when cook cycle starts; automatically raises it when the cycle ends … no more over-cooking.
  • Convenient on-board oil filtration system features powerful ½ HP Pump for quick and efficient filtering.
  • Not only for chicken … cooks many other fried favorites, equally as well.
  • Model GEF-400 (Electric) / GGF-400 (Gas):
    • Electric – 10 kW cooking power.
    • Gas – Natural / Propane … 45,000 BTU … Qualifies for “California Energy Wise Rebate”.
    • Oil capacity: holds 45 lbs (20.4 kg).
    • Product capacity: cooks 14 lbs (6.4 kg) cut chicken.
  • Model GEF-560 (Electric) … Gas Model Not Available:
    • Electric – 15 kW cooking power.
    • Oil capacity: holds 60 lbs (27.2 kg).
    • Product capacity: cooks 19 lbs (8.6 kg) cut chicken.
  • Model GEF-720 (Electric) / GGF-720 (Gas):
    • Electric – 20 kW cooking power.
    • Gas – Natural / Propane … 85,000 BTU … Qualifies for “California Energy Wise Rebate” … Energy-saving Dual burner system.
    • Oil capacity: holds 75 lbs (34.0 kg).
    • Product capacity: cooks 24 lbs (10.9 kg) cut chicken. LARGEST CAPACITY IN CLASS.