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Oversee your equipment
in real time using
wireless connectivity.

KitchenTrac® provides a unique opportunity using Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor your equipment in real time and collect critical data across all your locations.

Take advantage of the latest technology to improve your competitive edge.

  • Enhanced Consistency and Food Quality to ensure perfect cooking results.
  • Quickly update new menu sets (recipes) to specific fryers, stores, or all locations.
  • Track operator boil-outs, filtrations, cooks and more.
  • Avoid downtime through component-level tracking and lifecycle monitoring.
  • Increase savings and efficiency through by-the-hour usage breakdowns.

To see how easy it is to collect valuable data across your stores, visit us at www.KitchenTrac.com

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At-a-glance global
location overview.

View large-scale menu
and operational trends.

Track and analyze utilization
between machines.