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Fryer Filter Powder


This total oil maintenance solution can bring you lower operating costs & the resulting higher profits. Routinely filtering oil using Giles Filter Powder offers many benefits ... we recommend that oil be filtered after every 4th batched cooked in your fryer. Oil stays fresh, clear & sparkling clean to let you always fry light, crisp & golden delicious fried foods every time.

  • Sprinkled onto the filter paper, or filter screen, used with the on-board filter system it can remove both solid & dissolved impurities from used oil to slow degredation & extend its useful life.
  • Giles Filter Powder acts as a magnet to extract the soluble impurities that contribute to off-flavors & odors in the oil. Clean oil means better tasting fried foods, which means satisfied customers!
  • Diligent use of our Filter Powder can result in a 50% increase in oil life to cut your operating expenses.
  • A safe, pure white compound that meets FDA & NSF food-grade specifications.
  • Packaged in convenient ready-to-use 4-3/4 oz. packets.

Part # 72004
Case of 60 pre-measured packets