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Recirculating Ventless Free-Standing Hoods







Use at Non-Traditional Sites
Ventless Technology UL710B Certified
Fire Suppression System
Easy Installation

Giles Free-Standing Ventless Hoods are certified Type-1 recirculating Hoods feature our proven Ventless technology and eliminate the necessity for expensive kitchen modifications and costly ductwork for venting to the outside. These Hoods typically can be used in many non-traditional sites to create new food service opportunities where previously not possible.


  • 32” wide, innovative Type-1 Ventless Hood equipped with a self-supporting Floor Stand.
  • Approved for a variety of electrically heated floor model appliances … Fryers, Cook-tops, Griddles, Toasters, and Ovens.
  • 3-Stage Air Cleaning System features high-efficiency Double Baffle Filter, Electrostatic Air Cleaner, and Activated Carbon Filter to help control cooking aroma in the cleaned air … exceeds grease-laden vapor emission requirements of NFPA-96 and UL710B (EPA-202 test method).
  • Durable easy-to-clean stainless steel construction.
  • Select optional interlocked Appliance Power Receptacles (50A max) to minimizing on-site installation work.
  • Equipped with an Electronic Air Cleaner (E.A.C.) cleaning timer to aid users in maintaining a timely and effective cleaning routine for the E.A.C. Collector Cell.
  • Factory pre-plumbed (piping, nozzles, detector brackets, conduit and wire cable) ready to connect to an Ansul R102 wet chemical fire suppression system. Customer supplied, not included with purchase … complete system, field installation, set-up, testing and certification to be supplied by an authorized Ansul Distributor/Dealer.


  • 24” wide, Type-1 Ventless Hood with integral self-supporting Stand.
  • Listed for use with a variety of electric, floor model, deep fryers (not suited for fryers with automatic basket lift mechanism).
  • 3-stage air cleaning system features Baffle Filter, Electrostatic Air Cleaner and Activated Carbon Filter to help control cooking aroma in the cleaned air … exceeds emission requirements of UL197 (applicable UL710B sections).
  • All durable stainless steel construction.
  • Portable; easily moved with minimal disruption.
  • Accommodates appliance widths of 10-1/8” to 24-1/8”. Refer to specification sheet for limitations regarding kilowatt power, temperature, shortening volume and cooking surface area.
  • Self-contained, on-board, Ansul R102 wet chemical fire suppression system. Completely factory-installed except for detectors, chemical suppressant and firing cartridge. Final field set-up, testing and arming must be performed by an authorized Ansul Distributor/Dealer … Customer provided, not included with purchase.


  • The same Ventless Hood concepts and features as the Model FSH-2.
  • A higher profile unit with enough under-hood headroom to accommodate most any Pressure Fryer on the market, as well as allow the use of Fryers equipped with automatic basket lift mechanisms.
  • Requires only 8’6” ceiling height.
  • Equipped with an Electronic Air Cleaner (E.A.C.) Collector Cell Cleaning Timer to help users maintain the timely and effective cleaning routine required to keep the Collector Cell working at peak performance.