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Picture of WOG-20MP-VH


Multi-purpose, 18-3/8" wide, Ventless Fryer designed to fit into areas with limited floor space. Shortening Capacity: 34-3/4 lbs. Product Capacity Reference: 3 lbs. of French fries per 5 minutes.

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Revolutionize the way you cook with the  Junior Multi-Purpose Ventless Fryer.  Utilizing a short frying cycle and lower oil temperatures, the model WOG-20MP-VH is designed to save money, both on energy and shortening. The WOG-20MP-VH Fryer can handle all of your menu needs ... chicken, seafood, potatoes, vegetables, and much more. Only 18-3/8” wide, this appliance is designed to fit into limited space, consuming minimal floor space.  It is equipped with casters for convenient mobility, and passes easily through any standard door opening. Easy to use 30-minute manual Timer and digital solid-state Thermostat. The oil filtration system utilizes a powerful 8 gal. per minute pump. which reduces time required to refill the fry vat after a filtering cycle. Integral Ventless Hood is equipped with a fully self-contained Ansul R-102A fire suppression system, consisting of piping, discharge nozzles (appliance & plenum), fusible link brackets, conduit, release mechanism and stainless steel suppressant tank. Final installation, charging and certification of the system must be performed by an authorized Ansul distributor (not included with purchase). Fry Vat (approx.): 14-1/4"W x 14-1/2"L. Fry Basket: 10-1/8"L x 4-7/16"W
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WOG-20MP-VH 160906 9/6/2016 9/6/1999 Download
Description Start Date EndDate Download
WOG-20MP/WOG-20MP-VH Fryer Operation Manual 5/16/2017 12/31/2099 Download