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The Giles GBF-2-GVH Series Ventless Hood Banked Fryer is a first class advanced frying appliance that allows the user to cook deep fried foods in spaces where traditional ventilation hoods are impractical or prohibited.

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Ventless Hood Banked Fryer
• Durable stainless steel construction for long life and easy cleaning.
• Double (2) 14” fry vat - small footprint.
• Ventless hood technology eliminates the need for venting outside, avoiding costly
ductwork and roof/wall penetrations, allowing use in many non-traditional locations.
• User-friendly computer controller ... Built-in features include four (4) programmable
cook cycles for each basket, cool-mode, forced filter function, low-oil safety shutdown
function for each fryer.
• Mechanical timer/digital temperature control option available.
• The GBF-50 has an oil capacity of 50 lbs or choose the reduced oil capacity Model
GBF-35, requiring only 35 lbs of shortening.
• The GBF-50 features a deep cold zone to minimize carbonization of crumbs and
cooking residue.
• Optional Auto-Basket Lift automatically lifts product from vat at end of cook cycle.
When Auto-Lifts are not installed, fryer is equipped with basket hanger.
• A single on-board oil filtration system. Proper use extends cooking oil life.
• Durable, reusable, stainless steel, micro-mesh filter media is standard - eliminates
paper waste - “green solution” - reduces operating costs.
• Durable casters - front casters lock.
• Very quick recovery time adds capacity to handle those busy sales periods.
Description Start Date EndDate Download
GBF-2-GVH Series 03.30.16 3/30/2016 3/30/2099 Download
Description Start Date EndDate Download
MANUAL GBF-2-GVH 7/1/2015 12/31/2099 Download