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Portable Oil Caddy for waste oil handling, 80 lb capacity, manual rotary pump, large wheels for better manuverability.

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The versatile Giles Portable Oil Caddy is a durable and sturdy container for safely handling waste shortening.  Pump used shortening from your fryers into the stainless steel Oil Caddy for easy transport to your recycling tank for disposal.

The manual rotary pump can handle fresh, as well as used shortening.  When extraction of oil is required, reverse the flow by simply turning the pump crank handle in the opposite direction.  No electrical outlet or cumbersome extension cords are needed when using the Giles Oil Caddy.

Large wheels make manuvering the unit a snap and its portability makes it flexible and efficient, saving you time and money.  It's the perfect means for handling your waste cooking oil.

Waste Oil Handling unit, Manual Rotary Pump, 80 lb. capacity
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