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Picture of EOF-20/FFLT/24


Banked Fryer Battery, features (1) 20" fry vat (24 kW, shortening capacity 58 lbs/26 kg) and (1) 24" fry vat (30 kW, shortening capacity 170 lbs/77 kg). Built-in Dump Station, Electronic Controllers, on-board oil filtration for all vats, 20" vat equipped with basket lifts.

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Now you're cooking!  Increase your productivity and take profits to the "Bank" with a Giles Banked Fryer system.  The Banked Fryer was specifically designed for high volume foodservice operations where it's important to cook large quantities of product quickly.  In the standard configuration featuring (1) 20" vat, (1) 24" vat, and a built-in Dump Station, it can produce tremendous amounts of fried product and can be configured to produce even more ... The 20" vat has capacity for 27 - 30 lbs and the 24" vat has capacity for 36 - 42 lbs (8-way cut, bone-in chicken).  The built-in Dump Station makes unloading and handling cooked product convenient and easy. 

The Giles Banked Fryer has fast temperature recovery, so you’ll minimize idle time between cooking cycles ... oil quickly reheats to setpoint temperature after fresh product is dropped help reduce oil saturation.  This revolutionary cooking system delivers delicious fried foods, quickly and easily.

The Banked Fryer is simple to use, and features a durable and accurate electronic cooking controller, specifically engineered to be user friendly.  Each basket has have (4) programmable cook time menu keys.

Auto-Basket Lifts are a standard feature on the 20” vat and can optionally be added to the 24” fryer as well.

Unit comes complete with (2) Fry Baskets (10" vats), (1) Large Scoop Basket, Dump Station Drain Grate, Waste Oil Discharge Hose, Pot Brush, Drain Brush, Element Brush, Dump Station Drain Brush, Vat Drain Clean-out Tool, Stir Paddle, Crumb Shovel, Filter Pan Crumb Screen, and Operations Manual.

EOF20/FFLT/24, 208/60/3, Electronic
208 Volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase, Electronic Controllers
EOF20/FFLT/24, 240/60/3, Electronic
240 Volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase, Electronic Controllers
EOF20/FFLT/24, 480/60/3, Electronic
480 Volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase, Electronic Controllers
Description Start Date EndDate Download
EOF 20/24 Series 1/1/2012 12/31/2099 Download
Description Start Date EndDate Download
EOF (w/Dump Station) Operations Manual 1/1/2013 1/1/2013 Download